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Op de website van Yes To Carrots/Cucumbers/Grapefruit/Blueberries/Tomatoes/Baby Carrots staat dat veel van hun producten veganistisch zijn (VFV), en dat je hen kan mailen voor de meest recente lijst van veganistische producten.

Dit is de lijst van juni 2014:
"All of our products are vegan with the few exceptions. The only animal-produced or derived products in the Yes To lines are beeswax, honey and silk amino acids. These ingredients are derived naturally. Products in the Yes To line which contain one of these items include:

YTC Daily Softening Hand & Elbow Cream: Beeswax
YTCb Nourishing Baby Lotion: Beeswax
YTCb Soothing Diaper Cream: Beeswax
YTCu Natural Sunscreen SPF 30 Stick: Beeswax
YTB Line Reducing Lip Treatment: Beeswax
YTB Eye Firming Treatment: Beeswax
YTB Smoothing Daily Cleanser (old & new): Beeswax
YTB Rejuvenating Body Lotion: Beeswax
YTG Dark Circle Correcting Eye Cream: Beeswax
YTG Dark Spot Correcting Body Crème: Beeswax
ALL Lip Balms/Butters/Glosses: Beeswax
YTC Leave in Conditioner: Honey
YTC Dry Scalp Shampoo: Silk Amino Acids
YTC Dry Scalp Conditioner: Silk Amino Acids
YTG correct & repair Body Crème: Beeswax
YTG Correct & repair Eye Cream: Beeswax
YTCu SPF 30 Sun Stick: Beeswax

YTC=Carrot line; YTCu=Cucumber line; YTB=Blueberry; YTG=Grapefruit; YTT=Tomato; YTCb=Carrot Baby"

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